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We are a fast paced, innovative space composite Development and Manufacturing company. Vyom Space is a front runner in terms of providing customized yet cost effective solutions to our clients.We bring expertise and cutting edge technology from the best experts in the industry to provide unique solutions.


Includes Reusable Astronaut Capsules, Reusable First stage rockets, Sea Launch Platform, Landing Complex etc.

  Research & Development

Design bureau set up exclusively for R&D work. Includes design, development, documentation, testing etc.


Includes Composites and Additives, engineering – design – manufacturing – installation of technical equipment.


Includes creation of equipment for launch vehicles, technical systems, space vehicles, rocket & space systems etc.


Vyom Space specializes in products that involve new age space technology and engineering. Backed by path breaking research & development, our products not only display advanced technology but also are extremely cost-effective.

Reusable Astronaut Capsule

The Reusable Astronaut Capsules will be used to transport astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and back to Earth

Reusable First Stage Rocket

The Reusable Rockets will be used for delivering cargo to the ISS

Sea Launch Platform

Sea launch platform proposed by Vyom Space is an extremely cost-effective solution for Spacecraft launches

Landing Complex

To ensure landing of the reusable block of first stage of the launch vehicle, reloading and transportation of the vehicle etc.




Design Bureaus

About Us

Vyom Space consists of a highly motivated team of experts, scientists, engineers, designers, technicians & management team members. Our world class facilities and manufacturing capabilities ensure that we provide the best solutions to our clients.


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