Research & Development

Our R&D team boasts of team of experts from different areas such as Design, Engineering Technology, Composites & Additive technologies etc.

Design Bureau

Responsible for design work (development of a draft design and design documentation)

Experimental testing of the reusable transport spacecraft

Carries out architectural supervision at all stages of production, testing and regular use

Responsible for the development of measures for finalizing the ships at the stage of normal operation to eliminate the comments identified during flights

Composites & Additive Technology

In house capacity of modern production of composite and additive materials on a turnkey basis

Supply of equipment and the development of technological processes for the serial production of hulls and thermal protection of regular ships and disposable composite

Composite technologies and small-scale production of high-modulus composite structures

Additive technologies and small-scale production of additive3D printing (3D printers) of large-sized structures and products based on composite and metal materials for space vehicles (including satellites) and launch vehicles

Engineering Division

Research and development work on the creation of equipment for launch vehicles, launch and technical systems

Production of space vehicles (including satellites), launch vehicles

Foreign economic activity on the creation and use of rocket and space systems, for the provision of services on rocket and space facilities

Providing a set of works on organizing, preparing for launch and conducting launches spacecraft under international and domestic programs